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MEET A CASA – Rick Ensign
Seven years ago Rick Ensign had a conversation with Terri Willis, the wife of his boss at Waste Control, about her joy in being a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) volunteer. Shortly after, a CASA supervisor spoke at Rick’s church, Exodus in Longview, about the important role of a CASA and the need for more in our community.
Hearing the message twice in a short time period, Rick saw the handwriting on the wall. “It sounded like something I should do, “ Rick said recently. “I’ve always had a soft spot for kids…they need a voice and I knew I could speak for them.”
Rick looks at his six-year career knowing he has “made a difference.” One of his first cases was his most memorable. “I was working with a family with several kids and the feeling of many involved in this case was that the kids should be with the mom. But I felt the father was the best choice,” Rick recalled.
“As we worked through it everyone else also agreed it was best for these kids to be with dad.” The court ultimately agreed and the kids stayed with dad. “He turned his life around, went back to college and is doing well,” Rick says happily.
Rick will tell you that the first time in court can be eye-opening for a CASA. “I was taught by my dad to respect authority, so it was nerve-wracking the first time I went in front of a judge as a CASA. What made it easier was Judge Jill (Johansen) was awesome and I could tell that she cared for the kids too,” Rick said.
Just like Terri and that speaker at Exodus seven years ago, Rick encourages others to consider being a CASA. “It’s a not a decision to take lightly. There is heartache sometimes. But there is not a better feeling than knowing you’ve been the voice of the child. The good of being a CASA definitely outweighs any frustrations.”
We have great volunteers that make CASA a success. Thanks Rick for sharing your story!


“I was consumed by the fact that I didn’t have enough information about each child, and I just didn’t know if I had done the very best job I could.”

Judge David Soukup,
CASA Founder

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